Adam Boome - filmmaker
I'm a passionate and experienced filmmaker.

My speciality is taking weighty subjects and giving them an entertaining treatment.

Particular interests are   crime, current affairs, psychology and comedy.

I work mostly in the   documentary and factual   area but before becoming a producer/director I spent 8 years editing high-end   drama / feature films   in the U.S. and U.K. It was a great training in story telling, filmmaking techniques and performance.

I sometimes edit my own films although I value the creative input and distance an editor brings.

I have filmed with challenging contributors from fake doctors to government ministers and in challenging environments from the slums of Delhi to ocean yacht racing -  directing a crew and self-shooting.

I have a lot of experience creating visually exciting, energetic and often controversial films across different genres. I'm always looking for new stories to tell and new challenges.


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